Micro Bikini Tops

Micro bikini tops can be really sexy and provocative.  Many of the women who wear them catch attention when seen at the poolside or along the beach.  However, these tops are not for everyone.  There are women who can look good in them and carry them well.  But there are also those who are better off with other types of tops.  On women with bigger busts, micro tops can be the perfect accessory, teasing the imagination of the viewers.  In this case, the tiny swimsuit becomes the one thing you will need to become a beach babe.

Guide to wearing teensy-weensy tops

These pieces cannot be worn by all women.  It is a good thing there are other kinds of swimwear suited for women of different body types.  Here are some tips:

1.  Such clothing items accentuate the breast area.  These can make small breasts appear bigger.  Hence, women with smaller breasts and those with a petite figure can benefit greatly from skimpy bathing suits.

2.  The effect is even heightened with bigger-breasted women.  Wearing these upper garments can help you emphasize those curves.  This can certainly turn heads and attract the attention of most guys at the beach or by the pool.

3.  Select those that are suitable for your body type.  You cannot lose when you select items with this in mind.  Both big and small-breasted women can consider more revealing items, especially those with bottoms that offer minimal coverage.  Try not to be swayed with trends.  Good taste is timeless and always stylish.

4.  For women who want to appear fuller, they should consider pieces in vibrant colors.  These tops can add volume to breasts.  Those with striped or bold patterns can also give the same effect.  When you are selecting a swimsuit, examine yourself in the mirror first.  If possible, get a second opinion from a friend or two.  Look at yourself from all angles.  Does the swimwear help you achieve the effect that you want?

5.  Big-breasted women should always be proud of what they’ve got and opt for pieces that practically provide no coverage.  Big breasts always look good in barely there pieces of clothing.  Covering them with scanty upper garments  make them look more attractive and appealing to guys who just love women in tiny bathing suits.

6.  Be creative when selecting swimsuits.  Funky designs are not limited to just colors and patterns.  There are items that are designed with flares, beads, and sequins.  These are additional style options for you to stand out from the rest.  You can also try out pieces made of fabrics that offer different textures such as mesh or crocheted materials.