Small Bikini Tops

Small bikini tops have always been a gray area when it comes to beachwear fashion.  Skimpy swimsuits have always been seen as sexy and provocative.  But for women with no fear, the smaller, the better.  Should you wear small tops or not?

Guide to wearing more daring swimwear

Unfortunately, these pieces are not for everyone.  Here are some tips on wearing provocative beachwear.

1.  Teensy-weensy bikinis look good on slim and petite figures.  These help create the illusion of fullness.  Small pieces can also make breasts look bigger.  Generally, this type of tops can help emphasize those assets and curves.

2.  On full-figured women, such tops may also look good.  This is because these tops offer little coverage, which is exactly why wearing such pieces is so attractive.  Full women can look like beach goddesses in small bikinis.  This can definitely look sexy and provocative.

3.  Only wear beachwear pieces that suit your figure.  While it can be tempting to go with a trend, in the end, personal style that is tailor-fit to your body type is the best way to go.  This never goes out of style.  You can follow the latest trends in fashion but make sure that whatever you wear makes you look good and bootylicious.

4.  Vibrant colors can add volume to your body.  Hence, tops in vibrant colors can make big breasts look even bigger.  Stripes and bold patterns also have similar effects.

5.  Another reason why tiny bathing suits are perfect for bigger-breasted women is that they will be able to flaunt what they’ve got and enjoy lots of sun.  Just make sure to put on lots of sunscreen to protect your flawless skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

6.  For some uniqueness, choose those that have flares, beads, and sequins.  You can even do this yourself.  Just stock up on beads and sequins, and let your imagination fly.  This creates truly unique tops.  Of course, you need to be careful where you put your add-ons.  It is best to keep the add-ons in “safe” sections, such as the straps and the edges of the breast cups.  Or, to make things easier, opt for luxury swimwear pieces that offer unique designs, cuts, colors, and styles.  By visiting a luxury swimwear shop, you will be able to find one that will reflect your personality and sense of fashion.

7.  Lastly, whatever top you end up using, be proud and confident in it.  Confidence is the best accessory.  It can make everything else look good on you.