Triangle Bikini Tops

Triangle bikini tops are bound to turn heads at the beach or poolside.  These bikinis can be really stylish and can make you look super sexy.  If you think you need some tips on how to get that perfect swimsuit, here are some of them:

Know your size

Determining your size is easier if you use your regular panty size as a basis.  Usually, a bikini that would be perfect for your body is the one that is the same size as your normal undies or is a size larger than your regular underwear.

Check out various retailers

One way of having the best selection of sexy swimsuits is to check out various retailers both online and offline.  A retailer that specializes in mini bathing suits and luxury undergarments usually employs staff members who are trained to handle concerns and questions regarding skimpy bathing suits.  If it is your first time to buy swimwear, it’s best that you visit a retailer that offers specialized services.

When shopping online, look for stores that offer a wide assortment of options, along with sizing charts to help you find the perfect piece.  Look for an online shop that offers customer service through phone so as you can reach them by telephone in case you have questions that need to be adressed immediately.

Keep up with the trends

The trend nowadays is to flaunt your assets by wearing pieces of barely there clothing while at the beach or by the pool.  Choose the tiniest articles of swimwear if you want to flaunt your features and keep up with the latest in beachwear fashion.

Experiment with the latest pieces

The latest in swimwear fashion include those made of mesh or see-through fabrics, mini bikinis, and bottoms that offer minimal coverage at the back.  You can also try those that feature unconvential cuts, colors, and styles.  By wearing such types of bathing suits, you will be able to enjoy plenty of sun and attention.  Do not forget to slather on lots of sunscreen as you will be exposed to harsh UVA and UVB rays.

Once you are able to choose a swimsuit that will truly accentuate those assets, make sure to groom yourself first by getting rid of unsightly body hair.  With a clean and smooth bikini area, you’re sure to make men stare and drool.  Try to tone those thighs and arms and firm up that cute booty with the right exercises.