Underwire Bikini Tops

With all of the choices of bikini tops out there, why would someone want an underwire bikini top? Underwire bikini tops are becoming more popular as swimwear companies expand their lines. While it is not the most traditional choice for swimwear, there are a lot of great reasons why underwire bikini tops are sometimes the best.

Underwire bikini tops are great for many reasons. First they provide the most support out of all bikini tops, most similar to a bra in style. Many times you can find underwire bikini tops that also offer a removable padding. If your favorite underwire bikini top does NOT offer padding, it is easy to add them yourself, and in fact, even better because you can choose exactly the amount of padding you prefer.

Underwire bikini tops have a very sexy appeal as well because they ARE so similar to bras. They are alluring yet totally acceptable to wear in public. Underwire tops come in a variety of styles including; full coverage, demi coverage, push-up and even underwire strapless bandeau’s. Many underwire bikini tops have adjustable straps or even removable ones.

underwire bikini tops

Not all underwire bikini tops are created equal though so make sure to do your diligence. Choose a bikini top that fits you well and accentuates your frame. You also don’t want to get a top with TOO much coverage that starts looking like a sports bra. Leave the workout looking gear for the gym. You are at a beach, on a boat or by the pool, the sexier the tan line, the more you will wear it! And that is the most important part of buying bikinis; loving what you buy, looking good in it and of course wearing it!!!

And finally if you are making a big purchase with an underwire bikini top, keep in mind the color or print of your choice. You can make your top go much further if you can mix and match it with multiple bottoms.